About us

Diamantes y Abrasivos Marti, S.L o Diabramar is a dynamic company with extensive experience in the abrasives sector (about 45 years). We innovate and adapt to the needs of the market. We started with the ceramic grinding wheel and today we are also using diamond both in grinding wheels and tools.

We understand that the relationship with our clients has to be PARTNER. So that they know that they will always find good service, maximum quality and an adequate price.
















































































¿What we offer?


Abrasive wheels, corundum ceramics, silicon carbide, cubitron, flat-shaped, cups, files, shaft … Up to 900mm in diameter. Corundum resin wheels, resin discs, corundum and silicon carbide in grain.


Diamond and boron nitride wheels, grinding and sharpening of carbide and steel, grinding of ferrites and diamond, forming of abrasive wheels of both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide …


Diamond burs (for wood and for industry) diamond saws, CBN inserts, diamond coils, PCD cutting tools, jewelry tools, diamond tools for glass …

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