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Rigid and flexible abrasives, diamonds …


All our products have certificates that support and certify their quality, thus offering an excellent service.


The materials of our products have been tested in different situations, which they have successfully overcome.


At Diamantes y Abrasivos Martí we are highly committed to our clients, offering personalized attention at all times.

Our vision

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At Diabramar we are specialists in rigid, flexible and diamond abrasives. We offer the highest quality for all industrial processes. Abrasives, wheels and discs for roughing and cutting materials … Our abrasives make it possible to produce and develop high-precision, top-quality components.

The products manufactured cover the entire range of rigid abrasive, from mounted wheels to greater than 1,000 mm in diameter. We have a large catalog, check it out.


Abrasive wheels, corundum ceramics, silicon carbide, cubitron, flat-shaped, cups, files, shaft … Up to 900mm in diameter. Corundum resin wheels, resin discs, corundum and grain silicon carbide.


Diamond and boron nitride wheels, grinding and sharpening of carbide and steel, grinding of ferrites and diamond, forming of abrasive wheels of both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide …


Diamond burs (for wood and for industry) diamond saws, CBN inserts, diamond coils, PCD cutting tools, jewelry tools, diamond tools for glass …

Industrial diamonds and abrasives

All our products stand out for their versatility. Our range is very complete and includes the latest innovations in abrasives and diamond to be used in all industrial machinery.

Our products


  Ravviatore Diaform Scapello
  Diaform Merßel Abrichter


  Ravviatore Lama MCD
 MCD Kingerabritchter
  Dresseur Lame Barette


  Ravviatore Multipunte
 Multipunkt Abritcher


  Penetratore per prove di durezza
 Heartepruefer Eindringkorper


  Ravviatore a Punta Singola
  Einzeln Punkt Abrichter
  Dresseur Pointe Unique


  Diamonte – CBN Ruote
 Diamant – CBN Schleifscheiben
  Meules Diamant

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